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Review Ratings


100-85% Excellent purchase this record

 85-70% Good record some standout material

 70-50% Mediocre release BEWARE!!

 50-0%  Better off buying a Styx anthology 



Premonitions of War/Benumb

Premonitions of War/ Benumb
Thorp (2005)
Rating: 86%
Recommended if you Like:

Crossed Out, Disdain, Burnt by the Sun


Two talented and fabulous destructo-core bands everyone should be

familiar with by now put on a raw display for should be cautioned

listeners. Premonitions of War piece together two originals and two

cover tracks for this Thorp records release. P.O.W sounds a little more

trashy and intense on this record then their previous Victory outing and it

seems to capture their powerful live presence a little more accurately.

Benumbs contribution is as devastating and violent as their counterparts

as they blast through nine politically charged tracks before you can gasp

for air. This is a must have for grind and hardcore enthusiasts everywhere.










Commit This to Memory

Motion City Soundtrack
Commit This to Memory                                                   
Epitaph (2005)
Rating: 83%
Recommended if you Like:
Brandtson, Descendents, The Get Up Kids

My reservations were very quickly comforted after only one listen

to this release. Usually music that at first glance seems marketed

towards lonely teenager’s falls to the wayside before I get to track five

however, Motion City Soundtrack helps you relive your teenage

years in good way. They seem to emit so many incredible components

and take styles from many great bands that its only after a few listens you

seem to appreciate a style that is all their own. I guess even the most jaded

and cynical reviewers sometimes have to sit back and take a look at

something bigger and better then somewhat negative assumptions.







Geoff White
Spectral Sound (2005)
Rating: 79%
Recommended if you Like:
Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen


I really liked the guitar samples in this brisk but vigorous record. I have never really been a super fan of minimal techno so it was to my surprise this record really livened up my night. The melody and often-scattered beats really fit nicely together and create a dark ambience sure to shake up any dance floor. I would like to hear more from this artist as I think he has great potential that is not quite fully displayed on this short but dynamic creation.






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