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Issue #13 - March. 19. 2005

The Holy Shroud
Ghost Repeaters                                                         
Level Plane (2005)
Rating: 86%
Recommended if you Like:
North of America, Rites of Spring, Archers of Loaf
While they feature a couple of North of America alum 
my high expectations for this album were on the agenda.With
jagged rock riffs and scenic indie hooks this band will have you
from the get go. Look forward to a split with Hot Cross coming
up and go catch them on tour with Buried Inside this month.








Rhymesayers (2005)
Rating: 77%
Recommended if you Like:
Busdriver, Copywrite, Soul Position
Blueprint has an impressive resume of collaborations but we had yet to see him fully shine on the mic individually. 1988 accomplishes just what the title suggests paying homage to phenomenal year in hip-hop. The one thing 1988 really lacks is a solid track that can really give you a feeling of what Blueprint has to offer.  I would check out the last Soul Position record before you give this a listen.







Gimme Fiction
Gimme Fiction                                                         
Merge (2005)
Rating: 68%
Recommended if you Like:
The French Kicks, Dismemberment Plan, ..Trail of Dead


How come all these creative and once innovative indie

rock bands have hit that same level mediocrity lately.

What I mean is that Spoon has continuously slid down the ladder

and have not even come close to the brilliance to their

last half decent album a Series of Sneaks. I guess diehard

Spoon fans can give this listen but, I still yearn for the old

days and hope to future greatness from a once impressive band.

One Ten Hundred Thousand Million
The Octopus Project
One Ten Hundred Thousand Million
Peek a Boo (2004)
Rating: 78%
Recommended if you Like:
Caribou, K.C Accidental, Tortoise
This came out last year but we have just got it in so I guess
it is time to give it a review. A nice mix of electronics and live
instrumentation rounds out this record in grand gesture. The album
is pretty decent but a little more work and creativity will help The
Octopus Project in the future.





click here to enter the pet series website
The Pet Series
Volume 4                                     
Sally Forth/ Volkoren (2005)
Rating: 83%
Recommended if you Like:
Multi Panel, Krakow, Me
This is a nice batch of laid back rainy day music. This compilation originates out of the Netherlands and showcases a variety  of downtempo and psych-folk music. Check out this releases and the rest of the pet series compilations and you won’t be disappointed.  








Garmonbozia s/t LP

Profane Existence (2004)
Rating: 80%
Recommended if you Like:
Monuments to ruins, Concrete Sox, Apartment 213


This Minneapolis group has the knack of creating serene melodic

melodies then tearing them down with an attack of full out thrash.

The female vocals are quite remarkable and to throw in a cello on

top of that excites me as skeptic.  The drums are quite basic but fit

overall into an appealing product.   

Issue #14 - March. 31. 2005



Hot Hot Heat
Level Plane (2005)
Rating: 66%
Recommended if you Like:
Franz Ferdinand, Ruffled Shirts, Bloc Party

I guess I wasn’t anticipating this album 100% however having seen

them play numerous times I was all too familiar to what I was getting

into. I think I liked Make Up the Breakdown a little more then this

record and would recommend it over this one in a New York minute.

While this is not a total disaster it is not the illustrious long awaited

record people were waiting for.



ENTREAT. "Deincubation" CD
Moonlee (2005)
Rating: 77%
Recommended if you Like:
Funeral For a Friend, Dead World, Eighteen Visions


Entreat are from Slovenia and play a style of Nordic hardcore

with some power metal influences. You can tell this band spends

a lot of time in rehearsal and from that can get a feel of what kind

of scene they are involved in. An aggressive and ambitious new

release from these shady characters makes you wonder what Slovenia

is really like.

The Decemberists
Kill Rock Stars (2005)
Rating: 90%
Recommended if you Like:
Of Montreal, Sun Kill Moon, Belle & Sebastian

After popping in this new Decemberists album I felt a warmth

and happiness flow through my body. A lot people make a big fuss

over semantics and don’t seem to enjoy life to the fullest. Not to say

all the songs are joyous escapes on this album however, the mix of gloom

and splendor makes for one of the better releases of 2005.






All This Is
Guns Up!
All This Is                                  
1917 (2005)
Rating: 82%
Recommended if you Like:
The Hoods, All Out War, Bane


Straight ahead hardcore with old school breakdowns it can’t get any better then this. This formula has been tested quite often over the past 15 or so years but few have the originality and presence that Guns Up have. If you’ve been mourning for some true hardcore since Warzones passing these boys will give you your fix.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Edit Text

Earsugar Jukebox
Earsugar (2005)
Rating: 80%
Recommended if you Like:
Mek Obaam, Super Reverb, Julia Hummer


First off let me tell you that this album contains different material

from earsugars seven inch series. There’s a mix of everything on

here from lo-fi rock to early Americana to Downtempo House. This

is a good starter for anybody wanting to listen to some good solid music

Issue #15 - April. 18. 2005

Peanut Butter and Jelly Live...                                                         
Narnack (2005)
Rating: 85%
Recommended if you Like:
Jesus Lizard, The Marked Men, The Flying Lutenbachers

This is probably the dirtiest and nastiest record I have received

this year but man do I love it. The Coachwhips brand of dirty indie

garage and noise rock will have you cranking the volume to ten while

your neighbors cringe and bicker. On another note this album is

not live nevertheless, it displays the energy and charisma of a group

on the rise.




Bourbon Princess CD art

Bourbon Princess
Dark of Days                                                         
Accurate (2005)
Rating: 70%
Recommended if you Like:
Morphine, The Sea and Cake, Esquivel

From the first peak of this albums sleeve, I knew I was

in for some complaining and some female fronted blues-rock. This

album is very dark but not scary and seems to hint at some matters of

the heart and booze. I guess I don’t mind this album but for the

originality factor it is mediocre at best.




Metal Cares

Metal Cares                                                        
Polyvinyl (2005)
Rating: 81%
Recommended if you Like:
Polmo Polpo, Cat Power, Mogwai 

Picastro are a wonderfully artistic outfit out of Toronto. The songs on this album are beautifully orchestrated and very atmospheric in a mysterious array of existence. There is a nice mix of current rock instrumentation alongside traditional pieces such as the cello, which adds an eerie depth to the soundscape. If you want to check out a creative and innovative up and coming act give this a listen.


Whiskey Rebels
Create or Die
GMM (2005)
Rating: 80%
Recommended if you Like:
The Unseen, Anti Heroes, U.S Bombs

Straight up in your face punk rock is what the Whiskey Rebels

are dealing. You can hear elements of cocksparrer or even early

hardcore acts such as the Cro-mags or Gang green. Even though their

sound is obviously influenced by other seminal punk acts the Whiskey

Rebels seem to hold their own and with street-smart lyrics and driving

punk rhythms this is a nice change from all the recent crap out there.



Cover Art
High Priest
Book of Keys One, Two, Three                             
Sound-Ink (2004)
Rating: 88%
Recommended if you Like:
Diplo, Heat Sensor, Anti Pop Consortium


Damn this new High Priest record is dope and digs further and further into what this genius can put out. Ever since Anti Pop broke up, he has been upping the bar to levels like no other. Another immense success from one of the genres most diverse and innovative record labels.






M.I.A. reviews

Beggars Banquet (2005)
Rating: 58%
Recommended if you Like:
Roots Manuva, Hollertronix, Shinehead


O.K so I can see where the hype came from surrounding her last

collaborative release with Diplo but, this record is stale and tedious.

So just because certain media outlets hype this record up don’t give in

and make sure you give this a listen before you buy it.





Issue #16 - April. 27. 2005


The Gun Shys [EP]

The Gun Shys
Aeronaut (2005)
Rating: 71%
Recommended if you Like:
The Stills, The Killers, Lou Reed

The Gun Shys are as retro as your going to get and reek of the

seventies. They aren’t nearly as creative as lets say the Libertines but,

seem to have a style of their own. If you are itching for some music that

kind of reminds one of the Killers or the Stills this e.p is for you.




Lake of Falcons
Lake of Falcons (2005)
Rating: 85%
Recommended if you Like:
Jawbox, Unwound, Cap'n Jazz


Lake of Falcons play a gritty and aggressive style of music and had my respect from the first listen. I compare their style to a heavier and more direct version of the Constantines and think they succeed marvelously. This is music for the working class and those disenchanted with everyday complications. You can listen to these two songs on their webpage and judge for yourself.




Cephalic Carnage
Relapse (2005)
Rating: 80%
Recommended if you Like:
Brutal Truth, Discordance Axis, Impetigo

First off let me say that if you haven’t caught Cephalic Carnages

live show you will not feel the power this group can produce. Anomalies

begins where their last release halted with an onslaught of super

tech grind madness. This is what Brutal Truth should have accomplished

during their existence and is a blueprint of total annihilation. Don’t listen

to this release expecting a controlled and listenable type song base

because they will rip you from head to toe.



Roger Miret and the Disasters
Epitaph (2005)
Rating: 87%
Recommended if you Like:
Agnostic Front, The Bussiness, One Way System

Usually I am quite weary when such hardcore luminaries set into the street tough styled punk we see very so often these days. I guess if preconceived notions guided my tendencies I would only like certain types of music and dismiss all other genres. Getting back to the new Roger Miret and the Disasters record we see that he can not fail at any project he is in. This album is chalked full of wicked anthems and very genuine and sincere tales of the streets. This is probably the most authentic and dedicated punk album I have reviewed this year and hope to see more from this powerhouse in the future.








Shifting Gears

D.J Z-Trip
Shifting Gears                                                 
Hollywood (2005)
Rating: 50%
Recommended if you Like:
Cut Chemist, RJD2, D.J Shadow



I’ve tried over and over again but seem to keep coming back to

the same conclusion this new Z-Trip album is flat. I was expecting a

lot more from this record and seem to feel a little cheated. I guess

Z-Trip should go back to the drawing board for his next release. 

Issue #17 - May.15. 2005


The Frames
Burn the Maps
Anti (2005)
Rating: 70%
Recommended if you Like:
My Morning Jacket, Mercury Rev, Palace

This Frames release is steaming with anger and contempt and 

at the same time sparkles with a searing and georgeous poignancy.

It is however a mediocre release from a group with such a vast

repertoire. There are a few gems worth checking out on this release

and is a compliment to anyone with any of their previous material.   


Narnack Records Is..
Narnack (2005)
Rating: 84%
Recommended if you Like:
The Fall, Langhorne Slim, Coachwhips

This Narnack sampler scans pretty much what has come out on this label in the last year or will be coming out in the next couple of months. Standout tracks from Langhorne Slim and The Fall displays the vast amount of talent this label develops. If you are not a fan already go pick this up for an affordable and persuasive price.





Aim Right for the Holes....                                                   
Mint (2005)
Rating: 81%
Recommended if you Like:
New Pornographers, Spoon, Communique
Wow! this was a great surprise from one of the prairies few hidden
talents. Novillero has more then one multi talented member in their
group boasting piano, organ and the moog synth. Other then smashing the
keys on all their finger prancing melodies they seem to rock out quite
graciously. These guys are crossing back and forth over this Great
White North this summer so I recommend you check them out as soon as





Suit of Lights
Visiting Hours (2005)
Rating: 70%
Recommended if you Like:
The Boredoms, Swell, Gazino 
The Suit of Lights play an epic style of rock that comprises
of loud guitars and soft and unassuming breakdowns. The
production on this piece is top notch however, I still feel they
have some maturing to do as an outfit. Overall this was a decent
and practical first full length for a nouveau group.




C-Rayz Walz
Year of the Beast                                                  
Definitive Jux (2005)
Rating: 55%
Recommended if you Like:
Kaze, M.F Grimm, GZA



This album turned out to be a minor disaster and left a

horrible and gritty taste in my mouth. In an absurd twist of fate C-Rayz Walz has possibly put the final stake into the heart of a collapsing pool of talent that once was Def-Jux. It is not just his sub-par rhymes that weakened this recording it is also the crappy beats and production that leaves much to be desired. I guess all the backpackers will buy this album anyways so its not a loss to C-Rayz Walz.


Issue #18 - June.7. 2005




Xiu Xiu
La Foret                                              
5RC (2005)
Rating: 90%
Recommended if you Like:
The Cure, Davendra Banhart, Hidden Cameras

 Yet Another intense and dramatic creation from Jamie Stewart

and the vividly talented Xiu Xiu home front. At times, this release

is quite intimate and beautiful and at other times, it will have you

lunging in anger at anyone who has crossed you in the past. You have

to give praise to the creativeness and emotional anguish that soaks this

gripping and theatrical journey. La Foret builds upon where Fabulous

Muscles left off and will have you reconsidering the mental fabric that

holds yourself together.




Benoit Pioulard
Rating: 86%
Recommended if you Like:
Fennesz, Oval, Pole
Exquisite and provoking are a couple of terms one could use to
describe this serene escapade from Benoit Pioulard. It is always
nice to uncover an album you know will not leave your player for an
extended amount of time. A nice an innovative composition with
multi-layered instruments displays a uniquely talented setting anyone
could settle into. Overall, this is an unexpected gem from a humble
and surprisingly talented young musician.




Cover Art

Dynamite Club
I'ts Deeper than....                                                
Funhole (2005)
Rating: 67%
Recommended if you Like:
Naked City, Weird Al, Shiuop


Judging from the bands press release there suppose to sound like a punk influenced version of John Zorn’s carnival antics. They do have a tendency for off timed hooks and scattered avant worship however, it never really seems to materialize into the free jazz masterpiece their trying to create. Maybe when they decide to get serious I will give them another chance.



Batards Sensibles
Ninja Tune (2005)
Rating: 81%
Recommended if you Like:
Ty, Diplo, Roots Manuva

This is the fun and entertaining music, us critics are blessed with every

so often. It is a shame more French groups do not seem to have the

flair and sarcastic-ness these fine gents possess. I just have to say

thanks for brightening up this afternoon.



Stephen Malkmus
Face the Truth                       
Matador (2005)
Rating: 85%
Recommended if you Like:
Grandaddy, Black Mountain, Grifters

I think this is the album that everyone was waiting for considering his last two efforts were mediocre at best. Malkmus lets it all loose with a little traditional styled indie rock and some decent and proportionately affluent electronic instrumentation on this new release. I suggest getting out to your local shop and picking this beauty up because you never know when Malkmus might all of a sudden start sounding like Neil Diamond.









An Angle
We Can Breathe...                                               
Drive-Thru (2005)
Rating: 57%
Recommended if you Like:
Bright Eyes, Cursive, Yo La Tengo



This is just the trendiest O.C ready indie-bashing piece of crap

out there. Did you know that? The record amount of ice cream

consumed in one sitting was 76 litres by a man out of Kentucky.

I guess that Believe it or Not fact is a little more interesting then this

horrible mess of an album.   


Issue #19 - June. 14. 2005

Separation Sunday

The Hold Steady
Seperation Sunday                                            
Frenchkiss (2005)
Rating: 85%
Recommended if you Like:
McLusky, Guided by Voices, Enon

The gruff or hoarse accusations of front man Craig Finn seem

conquer all sensibility on this remarkably impressive release. Built

on where they left of on last years Almost Killed Me this is a more

complete and cohesive record which shows the talents of a technically

superior group of musicians. Some of Craig’s lyrics seem to make more

sense in an inebriated state then hanging out listening to this with the family.

The Hold Steady is definitely the Dark Side and you should waste no time

aligning yourself with this powerful force.




Transitive Verses

Transitive Verses                                                      
Expel (2005)
Rating: 82%
Recommended if you Like:
Fourtet, Jagga Jazzist, Tortoise

Brookhaven hail from San Francisco and piece together a distinctive

mix of layered electronics, and post rock instrumentation. Unassuming

in all aspects of traditional garb Brookhaven stand alone in producing

some of the best music I have heard in months. Sonny James is the

mastermind behind this collective and seems to have hit it right with

this installment providing much of the musical creation that is Brookhaven.

You can’t go wrong with this album so I suggest you curb your inhibitions

and check this out.




The Boils
World Poison                                              
Thorp (1999) Reissue (2004)
Rating: 79%
Recommended if you Like:
U.K Subs, The Business, Defiance 


Recorded in 1999 and should be known as your standard and essential street dwelling rock. A definite classic in its own class and is chalked full of new school and old school flavor. If you need a lesson to acquiring street credibility this should be were you begin. Think of new school acts like the casualties crossed with traditional punk inspiration of the U.K Subs and you see what were getting at. If you are a virgin to this shit, I suggest you eat it up then puke it up in celebrating these drinking classics.

Bear vs. Shark
Equal Vision (2005)
Rating: 70%
Recommended if you Like:
Minus the Bear, Hot Water Music, Against Me

It seems that Bear vs. Shark have switched things up on this new

outing straying away from the exhaustive emotional bombardment

that embodied there previous release. The thing is that this style of

music is supposed to be intimate and engaging and I feel quite isolated and

distant when playing this record. Even though it does not live up to

their previous outing I think there is some redeeming material on this

scattered effort.



D.J Shadow
Mo' Wax (1996) Reissue (2005)
Rating: 100%
Recommended if you Like:
D.J Spooky, David Axlerod, RJD2

It is pointless for me to preach and rave about this phenomenal and extremely essential classic endeavor. There is something wrong if you haven’t already got this album sitting at home however if you do not get out there and pick it up immediately. Adding to an already valuable purchase is the extra disc that accompanies the original and is full of b-sides and rarities that only strengthens what is perfect from the beginning. If you are a fan of all music, do not hesitate on this genre-defining masterpiece









A   Few Steps More

A Few Steps More                                              
Beggars to Pure (2005)
Recommended if you Like:
Broadcast, Stereolab, Laika


This is incredible and I think I am in love with Laetitia Sadier and her

sultry and charming antics. What a pleasant and laid-back outing from

one of the stereolabs finest members. All there is to say is that you need

to get it on with owe it to yourself.

Issue #20 - June. 21. 2005

Relapse (2005)
Rating: 85%
Recommended if you Like:

Nativist, Figure of Merit, Tribes of Neurot


There are a lot of bands that call themselves noise rock, and the

ones I’ve seen live are using the noise rock title to camouflage the fact

that they simply can’t write songs. They all need to turn down their amps

and pick up this CD to see how it’s done. Unsane’s Blood Run is

simultaneously aggressive, melodic, intense and intelligent, and

the New York City noise czars continue to redefine a genre that is rarely ever

done effectively. Also worth mentioning is the fact that there are 11 songs

but 99 tracks on this album. Each song runs over nine tracks, which

somehow just adds to the coolness.




Atomic Clock                                                    
RYFO (2005)
Rating: 84%
Recommended if you Like:
Helmet (Music), Pantera (Vocals), System of a Down

This is heavy, catchy, powerful hardcore/metal that will

have your head bobbing before this Boston quartet hits the

first chorus. The more I listen to this, their second album, the

more I like it and it’s making me seek out Superkollider’s first

release. The sophomore CD is reminiscent of the first Helmet CD

musically, with some Hot Water Music-esque elements thrown in

for good measure, but with more forceful, Pantera-like lead vocals

coinciding with effective harmonies. Oh ya, I should also mention

that their cover of Heartbreaker kicks the shit out of Pat Benatar’s





Boom Bap Project
Rhymesayers (2005)
Rating: 77%
Recommended if you Like:
Brother Ali, Slug, Little Brother


The Boom Bap Project put out some great old school flows doing their part in the preservation of true hip-hop music. This Rhymesayers release is full of all star cameos including Rakka Iriscience(Dilated Peoples) and the Gift of Gab(Blackalicious) who do more then shine on the mic they keep this album flowing. Big Ups to Rhymesayers for another incredible piece of wax.







Het Dagelijks Brood

Volkoren (2005)
Rating: 49%
Recommended if you Like:
Slow, standard acoustic music


Let me start by saying that I enjoy many acoustic guitar artists,

but I may have not been the right guy in the Time Will Tell Zine office

to review this sampler. Okay, Het Dagelijks Brood, which translates

into Daily Bread according to my research, is a sampler from the

Holland label Volkoren. Ten tunes on the disc feature two songs

each by the bands; at the close of the day, 16 horsepower, brown

feather sparrow, me, and anderson. It all sounds much the same—slow

and dull. It’s all simple acoustic music with mediocre vocals and it’s

hard to sit through a whole tune without hitting the next track button.

But maybe they’re big in the Netherlands.



Let It Ride
Angel City Outcasts

Let it Ride                                            

Thorp Records (2005)

Rating: 70%


Recommended if you Like:

Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, Urge 


When you started your first band, you know it wasn’t necessarily with people with the same musical tastes, they just lived nearby and had instruments. You also know that that clash of styles never really worked. Enter the Angel City Outcasts to blow my theory all to hell. With a unique blend of oi, hardcore, metal, Celtic, rockabilly, and Saturday morning cartoons, ACO emerges with a kick-your-ass style of rock and roll. Overall it’s a solid album and the complex blend of genres works. But I just don’t understand why bands feel compelled to put Kiss songs on their CDs, and the real problem I have with this album is that it’s over-produced. Every note, beat and syllable is crystal clear and polished to a high shine, and it really takes away from the songs. I wanted to hear a more raw, gritty and genuine sound from this street rock band.










Skeleton Jar

Youth Group
Skeleton Jar                                             
Epitaph (2005)
Recommended if you Like:
Red House Painters, Beep Beep, The Prom


This is one of the most enchanting and well conceived pop

albums out right now. If you are not familiar with Youth Group

they are an Aussie quartet that piece together soaring melodies and

endearing lyrics which involves the listener to the highest degree. Pin

point precision and sound structure when creating great songs is a must

and Youth Group employs all efforts in creating electic landscapes in their

music. Check your local city for Youth Groups 2005 North American