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Review Ratings


100-85% Excellent purchase this record

 85-70% Good record some standout material

 70-50% Mediocre release BEWARE!!

 50-0%  Better off buying a Styx anthology 


Ten the Hard Way

The Bangkok Five

Ten the Hard Way                                         
Aeronaut (2005)
Rating: 71%
Recommended if you Like:
Division of Laura Lee, Libertines, Danko Jones


This album started off good but around the third track, it got a

little monotonous. It is a short album so only about half of it is exciting

to listen too and the other sounds so much like all the other nouveau

garage outfits out there. Don’t get me wrong this album is still worth a

listen but the first couple of tracks outperform the rest of the album to

such a degree it is exhausting sitting through the rest of the album. This

is not a negative review but just a little criticism for a band that can do

much better.







The Sunlandic Twins [Bonus EP]
Of Montreal

The Sunlandic Twins                                          

Polyvinyl (2005)

Rating: 90%


Recommended if you Like:

Elf Power, A.C Newman, Great Lakes


Quite possibly the best sixties album that exists where none of the artists involved were even conceived before nineteen seventy. Of Montreal keep upping the ante on their groove laden pop hooks and leave you yearning for every oncoming track.  Some people keep trying to compare this to their Satanic Panic in the Attic LP but they are considerably splendid in their own right and deserve a certain distinction between the two. All that is left to say is that if you don’t listen to this or any other of their albums you are definitely missing out on one of today’s great indie acts.










Leng Tch'e
The Process of Elimination                                            
Relapse (2005)
Recommended if you Like:
Nasum, Dropdead, General Surgery


If it rained daggers I would be the first to run however, this

onslaught of devastation has you begging for such a brutal reality.

Not to paint the wrong picture I am a pacifist and violence is the last

resort but, Leng Tch’e has a cruel way of dragging you in. This is one

of the hardest and most compelling records Relapse has offered the

public to date. Even their name has sadistic intentions and is an ancient

Chinese act where a victim is doped up and then minced into tiny pieces

not feeling a thing until it is too late. Be warned this is not for the weak.   





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